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Science & Cocktails in Copenhagen was created by Jácome Armas in 2010, with the communication support of Teori og Praksis and the funding support of the Niels Bohr Institute (physics department of Copenhagen's University). Its first version ran over the year 2010 and was held at the cocktail bar Huset ved Kongens Have.

Since 2019 that Science & Cocktails has moved to Den Grå Hal as to be able to host 1300 guests per event. Since 2021 that Science & Cocktails operates also at DR Koncerthuset. Follow us on Facebook and contact us

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Jácome Armas (concept, management, planning, scientific overview, artwork), Rob Collings (planning, logistics, cocktail development), Joana Lima Ramos (planning, logistics, scientific overview), Rimantas Vancys (communications, recordings, interviews), Nikolaj Høj (music/performances overview), Thomas Jørgensen (light design and installations), Qais Sadeeh (communications, volunteer coordination, bar operations), Julian Koch, Philipp Webber (scientific overviews), Maxime Danos Albertsen (video editing, cocktail videos, operations), Costas Zoubos (website development, grant administration), Sofie Hjorth Schausen (podcasts), Henrik Schütze (live art), Thomas Bolander (scientific advisor, hosting), Alizera Kashani (fundraising).

An incomplete list of all volunteers.

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Brief History

From 2011 to 2019, Science & Cocktails in Copenhagen run at Christiania's cinema counting with the participation of scientists, artists, mixologists and cocktail masters.

In March 2017, Science & Cocktails established a collaboration with ForskerZonen at and ScienceNordic. Participant scientists at Science & Cocktails have written a series of interesting articles that complement their lectures(for the English version of these articles, see here).

From September 2017 to June 2018 the Science & Cocktails Foundation was supported by the Danish Ministry of Science (UFM) via the Tips and Lotto fund (Read the speech by the former Danish minister of research Sofie Carsten Nielsen). Science & Cocktails continues to collaborate with UFM during Forskningens Døgn.

Currently, Science & Cocktails is receiving the generous support of Novo Nordisk Fonden from August 2019 until the end of 2023 and operating both at Den Grå Hal and at DR Koncerthuset.

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