We bring science into the night

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Science & Cocktails

Science & Cocktails is an initiative that brings science and entertainment closer together by creating a series of public lectures intertwined with music/art performances and smoky dry-ice chilled cocktails in your hand.

Scientific knowledge is in general not considered accessible by many and it usually travels from researchers through journalist and media channels (perhaps slightly distorted). Science & Cocktails aims to create a relaxed platform where researchers and audience are on equal footing and conversations can be easily followed while sipping a world famous Black Hole cocktail side by side with your favourite scientist.

It is our belief that a night culture that evolves around knowledge, discussion and entertainment is altogether lacking in urban spaces. Taking a scientific approach that extends not only through information flow but also as an inspiration in music/art and as a tool in the craft of cocktails we seek to create a unique atmosphere.

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History and cities

Science & Cocktails was founded by Jácome (Jay) Armas in 2010 in Copenhagen. In 2014, Science & Cocktails became a registered non-profit organisation dedicated to improving the communication of scientific research to the general public. The founder Jácome (Jay) Armas has been awarded the Genius Prize for science communication by the Danish Association of Science Journalists in 2014 and the Outreach Prize by the European Physical Society in 2023. At the moment, Science & Cocktails runs in Amsterdam, Brussels, Copenhagen and Johannesburg.

Info and contact for each city
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Science lectures

We bring local and international renowned scientists to our events, including Nobel prize winners and Fields medalists. We focus on scientists who are excellent researchers and excellent communicators. Our goal is for you to understand and get acquainted with all forms of scientific inquiry in a relaxed setting and have the opportunity of discussing science with some of the most brilliant minds in the world (see our event archive for an overview of past speakers).

Archive of past events
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A worldwide experience

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Lectures, interviews, podcasts and performances

To make part of the Science & Cocktails experience available in all corners of the globe, we produce video lectures, science documentaries, interviews, podcasts and original music/art/dance performances. Our intention is to provide unique experiences regardless of what media science is conveyed in.


It is difficult to focus, perform highly abstract computations with your brain, look cool and smart, laugh and dive into science without a dry-ice-chilled cocktail in your hand. This is why at Science & Cocktails we improve our cocktail craftsmanship every season and bring you the most amazing selection of original cocktail recipes with cloud-like flavours, served by aliens disguised as regular humans.

Cocktail menu
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Music and art performances

We gather some of the most talented local musicians and provide astonishing performances. We work together with local artists in creating light experiences and atmospheres that spark discussions and wonders as well as create original performances (dance, music, theatre) inspired by science subjects. We believe that art and music can also help in transmitting some of the concepts that are found in science. Plus, you cannot end the night without celebrating science.

Watch a S&C production
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