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Quantum Computers

The development of Quantum Computers is moving and it is moving fast. Charles Marcus is one of the scientists pushing things forwards and holding the strings. In this episode of the Science & Cocktails Podcast, he is telling us that this is a huge step for humanity and it might change the world. (see all podcasts here)

Collaboration with the Recoil Performance Group

Act of Gravity

Funded by the Novo Nordisk Foundation, Science & Cocktails is collaborating with Recoil Performance Group in the production of an original dance performance Act of Gravity inspired by gravitational physics and the multiverse. Other collaborators include string theorists from the University of Amsterdam and KU Leuven and astrophysicists from the Niels Bohr Institute. Act of Gravity has been presented at Science & Cocktails events in June 2022 at the Grey Hall, Copenhagen. The second edition will take place in Aarhus in September 2020 (image credits: Søren Meisner). See more about Act of Gravity here.

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Collaboration with Teater Fantast

DATA DATA: a theatre play

Science & Cocktails is proud to announce a collaboration with Teater Fantast on the development of a theatre play for children starting with 5 years old and everyone else. Funded by the Novo Nordisk Foundation, the play includes a collaboration between actors, artists, writers and scientists inspired by the history of the computer, from the Analytic Engine to quantum computers, and the story of Ada Lovelace. More information coming soon.

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Shake the Black Hole

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Learn how to make a

black hole cocktail

For those who can't have enough cocktails at our events, mix your own cocktail at home and watch our incredible collection of science talks, podcasts, interviews and documentaries. Check out our cocktail menu.

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