Act of gravity

Gravity pulls us towards the ground, it pulls on our loose skin, attracts objects, and sets planets into orbit. It propels the big scientific minds of our time to develop theories that attempt to explain the behaviour of matter, space and time. Who are we humans eternally falling while the laws of physics set everything into motion?

Act of Gravity was developed in collaboration with Science & Cocktails and is a dance performance that strides the line between art and science. A performance about the most observable force in the universe: gravity. With the use of a huge trampoline, cutting-edge visuals, specially composed music and alluring acrobatics, and developed in close dialogue with scientists from Niels Bohr Institute, KU Leuven and the University of Amsterdam, Act of Gravity is an immersive experience for the mind and for the senses.

Thanks to the collaboration with Science & Cocktails, the event was originally presented in Copenhagen and Aarhus in combination with a cocktail bar and an introductory talk by a renowned expert in physics about the mind-boggling theories that have inspired the piece. See more here.