The place of Linguistics in Artificial Intelligence

October 3, 2022Atelier 210 Brussels
Doors open: 19:30
Start programme: 20:30
Atelier 210
Chaussée Saint-Pierre 210

Recent advances in artificial intelligence and the development of neural networks that “learn” only from annotated data for a particular task raise the question of the place of linguistics in automatic language processing. In this presentation, I will briefly trace the evolution of the techniques used in natural language processing, and illustrate the progress with the textual inference task: if one reads that “Trop's administration does not believe that there is a risk of a pandemic due to the coronavirus", can we deduce that "there is a risk of a pandemic due to the coronavirus"? I will show that, despite the progress in automatic language processing and high performance ratios (in the 80-90%), today's automatic systems are not yet able to understand language the way we do as humans. As soon as inferences require pragmatics, the systems' answers are wrong. So there is still progress to be made as long in theoretical linguistics to better understand the factors that play a role in inference than in automatic language processing.

Talk by

Marie-Catherine de Marneffe

Marie-Catherine de Marneffe obtained her PhD from Stanford University in 2012, and has been an associate professor in Linguistics at The Ohio State University. She got appointed as a FRNS Research Associate at UCL in 2021. Her research focuses on developing computational linguistic methods that capture what is conveyed by language beyond the literal meaning of the words. She recently worked on "veridicality": how do people interpret events they read about in the news, do they think such events really happen, did not happen, or are just a possibility?

Marie Catherine de Marneffe

Music by

Loa Frida

Loa Frida est un groupe indie baroquelectronica (chant/claviers/batterie+machines) basé sur Toulouse.

Projet principal de la chanteuse et compositrice Anka Ujma, Loa Frida s'inscrit dans la constellation contemporaine de la pop indé dans ce qu’elle a de plus atypique et non standardisé – de Björk à Kate Bush en passant par St Vincent, Juana Molina ou Sufjan Stevens.

Les machines et sonorités synthétiques caractéristiques du groupe permettent de tisser autour du chant haut perché d'Anka une orchestration foisonnante et un fond toujours renouvelé de textures organiques et de formes complexes qui empruntent autant au minimalisme d'un Steve Reich qu'aux musiques électroniques, au trip-hop ou au post-rock – sans pour autant jamais céder aux références obligées.

Avec Anka Ujma (chant/claviers/compositions), Pierre Carsalade (claviers/machines) et Elijah Lavoignat (batterie, pad).

Loa Frida