Hunting the molecular past

June 2, 2010Huset ved Kongens Have Copenhagen
Tiders DNA
Doors open: 19:00
Start programme: 20:00
Huset ved Kongens Have
Gothersgade 89

Teori og Praksis and Huset ved Kongens Have welcomes you to this event in the series Science & Cocktails.

The evening program consists of a lecture by Eske Willerslev, and a presentation on cocktails by Christopher Gertz Bech.

Willerslev will talk about his groundbreaking research on ancient DNA and what implications this new knowledge has for us today.

Tiders DNA

Eske Willerslev

Hunting the molecular past

Can we reconstruct the ancient past of human populations via DNA? What about the past of populations of large mammals such as mammoths? What are the new theories and interpretations of human prehistory? Can one resurrect extinct species?

Talk by

Eske Willerslev

Danish DNA research and director of the University's Center for Geogenetics in the Natural History Museum in Copenhagen. His research interests include the understanding of why some of the large mammals (such as the mammoth) became extinct during and after the ice age and to develop techniques to extract DNA primarily from discoveries preserved in ice.

Eske Willerslev 2

Cocktail talk by

Christopher Gertz Bech

Denmark's absinth nerd number 1 with a sustained interest since 2002. Christopher is a walking encyclopedia on all aspects of absinthe, has traveled and visited the distillery and absinthe-events (has been several times in Pontarlier and Boveresse) and is known by the vast majority of "pinging" in the genre.

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