The secrets of gravity

May 4, 2024Den Grå Hal Copenhagen
Doors open: 19:00
Start programme: 19:30
Den Grå Hal
Refshalevej 2

Science & Cocktails presents an exciting event about the weakest force in the universe: gravity! Your guide into the unknown is Claudia de Rham, theoretical physicist and author of the book The Beauty of Falling: A Life in Pursuit of Gravity. Before, you'll hear the electronic sounds of Forsling & Hauch featuring Ellen Pettersson.

Standing tickets are free. Seated are paid.

Is gravity really a force? Does it connect everything in the universe? Is gravity, according to Einstein, the ultimate perspective on what space and time are? Why is it so important?

Claudia will narrate her captivating adventure, navigating through the different meanings of gravity, intertwined with her personal life experience challenging gravity and pushing the limits of knowledge.

The brightest minds in physics, from Newton and Einstein to Stephen Hawking and Roger Penrose, have yet to uncover gravity’s secrets, but their knowledge allowed Claudia to unveil what gravity may look like if it had a sense of humor. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from a world leader in theoretical physics, as she unravels the turbulent tales of her success.

Event held in English with the generous support of the Novo Nordisk Foundation.


  • 19:30–   20:15
    Forsling & Hauch– 
  • 20:45–   21:45
    Claudia de Rham– 
  • 21:45–   23:30

Talk by

Claudia de Rham

Claudia de Rham is a theoretical physicist based at Imperial College London. Her work at the interface of gravity, cosmology and particle physics won her the Blavatnik Award for Young Scientists in 2020. She is tireless campaigner against the underrepresentation of girls in physics and frequently speaks in schools and for other organisations about diversity in the sciences. Her book The Beauty of Falling: A Life in Pursuit of Gravity tells the fascinating personal story of de Rham’s quest to gain intimacy with gravity, to understand both its feeling and fundamental nature. An aspiring astronaut whose opportunity to go into space was unexpectedly snatched away from her, de Rham has instead played with gravity as a diver, a pilot and – above all – an award-winning researcher who, in redirecting her energy towards physics, made a breakthrough at the very frontiers of gravitational science.

Photo by Andrew J. Tolley.

De Rham The Beauty of Falling Andrew J Tolley

Music by

Forsling & Hauch

Forsling&Hauch is a new and unique collaboration on the electronic scene in Denmark. The music is an intensive journey where analogue synthesizers and acoustic drums merge into a captivating sound universe. An expression that spans ambient and cinematic soundscapes to danceable beats and deep bass.

The Copenhagen duo, consisting of Mika Forsling and Frederik Hauch, will release their debut album Idiolekt in April, and they will celebrate this with you in a colorful party. For this evening, Forsling&Hauch will be joined on stage by the Swedish trumpeter and composer Ellen Petterson, who, in addition to her own music, also plays live with Sarah Parkman and Alice Boman.

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