The volcanic eruption in Iceland

April 28, 2010Huset ved Kongens Have Copenhagen
Doors open: 19:00
Start programme: 20:00
Huset ved Kongens Have
Gothersgade 89

Tonight's event is an unexpected event in the series Science & Cocktails and consists of a lecture by Associate Professor of Geology at the Institute of Geography and Geology at the University of Copenhagen, Paul Martin Holm.

In this evening he wants to explain why he thinks the volcanic eruption in Iceland was to be expected as part of the geological evolution of the North Atlantic.

The main themes of his lectures will be:- Analysis of the outbreak.- Why there is volcanism on Earth.- The ongoing geological development in Iceland and the North Atlantic.- The risk of volcanic eruptions and potential extent and effects of these.

There is an opportunity to ask questions to the speaker over drinks after the lecture and to tune to the good music in the bar.

Photo: AP

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Paul Martin Holm

The volcanic eruption in Iceland

Science & Cocktails

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Paul Martin Holm

Paul Martin Holm is an associate professor of geology at the Department of Geography and Geology at the University of Copenhagen. His research includes mainly studies of volcanic rocks in order to determine the underlying processes in the Earth's mantle. Ongoing studies in Argentina include field work in a young volcanic area and subsequently mainly geochemical and isotope geological studies in laboratories in Copenhagen and abroad.