Robots - coming to stay

December 7, 2013Byens Lys Copenhagen
Doors open: 19:00
Start programme: 20:00
Byens Lys
Fabriksområdet 99

Most people think of science fiction when robots are mentioned. In this talk, Henrik Schärfe shows how advances around the world are moving fast in taking the fiction part out of that equation. Progress in global robotics is about to change the way we think about technology - and ourselves. In this journey of robotics, we will see how science today challenges the boundary between technology and biology, and how things that seemed impossible just a few years ago are now coming into existence.

Beginning with Schärfe's own robot double, the Geminoid-DK, this evening will center on questions like:

• What are the current super-trends in robotics?
• What kind of robots are we likely to see in the near future?
• What are the implications for our society, economy, and existence in general?
• Are there limits to robotic inventions?

And finally:
• What is actually going on in the Professor's own labs?

Afterwards, improvised cocktails while Soft City, an esthetic mutating duo, is playing drums and MS-10.

Talk by

Henrik Schärfe

Professor of Information Science. For several years, Director of the Center for Computer-mediated Epistemology at Aalborg University. Schärfe is also known as a TED speaker, 2012 TIME100 Honoree, and the principal investigator of the Geminoid-DK project.

Henrik Scharfe

Music by

Soft City

Soft City has previously worked with über reductionism and finger paintings. Now it's something else. Not so swagger style, but more so a kapow and go to hell expression. Together or separately, they have worked with people like Mattin, Radu Malfatti, Toshimaru Nakamura, Jim Denley and The Hafler Trio. They have visited both Japan, Europe and Scandinavia with their music.