LHC and the Hunt for our Invisible Universe

March 20, 2012Byens Lys Copenhagen
Doors open: 19:00
Start programme: 20:00
Byens Lys
Fabriksområdet 99

Why have we constructed the LHC, a massive particle collider? What are we going to discover with it? New extra dimensions? Parallel Universes? New ways of transmitting information? New particles that compose matter? Black holes?

After a tour through the abstract world comes the quest for our Invisible Universe: what senses may feel but not understand and everything else that the senses can't reach. Troels C. Petersen, research lecturer at NBI, will begin with an outline of the evolution of the Universe from the Big Bang to modern times and explain why searching for dark matter and dark energy might resolve some of the most basic questions that mankind has been asking since the beginning of time.

Cocktails, questions and answers, are followed by the performance of Hjalte Bested Møller, Arduino geek, sound designer and theater actor, who will present some of his most modern magic tricks and his incredible sound landscapes through the use of algorithmic techniques, computer code and generative design.

A smooth passage to the Invisible Universe which requires a cocktail in your hand and computer code in your ears.

Photo: A simulation of the creation of a Higgs boson in the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN.

Talk by

Troels Petersen

Research Director at the Discovery center at the Niels Bohr Insitute. Recipient of a Junior Leader Fellowship from the Lundbeck Fund.

Troels2015 27 1280

Music by

Hjalte Bested Møller

In the cyber jazz trio Badun, he served as a programmer for various plugins and algorithmic techniques, processing of live instruments and generative sound design - often referred to as "the Badun granulator." After his time with Badun, Hjalte has explored various styles ranging from ambient soundscape, electronica, IDM and dubstep - but still has a strong interest in algorithmic techniques and generative sound design based on programming languages, such as MaxMSP and SuperCollider. Hjalte is also an arduino programmer and inventor.