Playware: From Embodied Artificial Intelligence to Modular Robotics

November 5, 2013Byens Lys Copenhagen
Playware robins choice
Doors open: 19:00
Start programme: 20:00
Byens Lys
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What is modern artificial intelligence? Can we learn from natural adaptivity to create adaptive systems? Why is play and playware important? What do effect studies tell about the value of play? How can we develop technology for anybody, anywhere, anytime?

Embodied Artificial Intelligence research has led to the development of playware defined as intelligent hardware and software that creates play and playful experiences for users of all ages. With recent technology development, we become able to exploit robotics and embodied artificial intelligence to create playware which acts as a play force that inspires and motivates users to enter into a play dynamics. In such play dynamics, users forget about time and place, and simultaneously increase their creative, cognitive, physical, and social skills. The Playware ABC concept allows you to develop solutions for anybody, anywhere, anytime through building bodies and brains to allow people to construct, combine and create.

Designing playware technology that results in specific behaviors of the user in not a trivial task, and it demands an array of background knowledge in a number of scientific fields. The development of such modular playware technology takes its inspiration from modular robotics, human-robot interaction and embodied artificial life. In this talk, Henrik Hautop Lund will present the design principles for creating such modular playware technology with focus on the embodied AI principles that forms the foundation for the design principles of modular playware technology. Lund will exemplify the design principles with practical applications from the fields of play, sports, music, performance art, and health. Recent examples include work for the FIFA World Cup 2010 and collaborative work with Peter Gabriel for his stage performance of the Back To Front tour 2013.

Afterwards, while cocktails are being shaked, the duo Natskygge is playing yellow and black chaos.

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Henrik Hautop Lund

Professor Henrik Hautop Lund, Center for Playware, is World Champion in RoboCup Humanoids Freestyle 2002, has developed shape-shifting modular robots, and has collaborated closely on robotics and AI with companies like LEGO for the past two decades. His Center for Playware at the Technical University of Denmark has a long track record of developing modular playware for playful contextualized IT training. Lately he designed the innovative iOS music-app "MusicTiles" together with Peter Gabriel.

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