Making a Murderer: Dissecting the Roots of Violence

September 25, 2021DR Koncerthuset Copenhagen
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Doors open: 19:00
Start programme: 20:00
DR Koncerthuset
Ørestads Blvd. 13

Science & Cocktails is proud to present an evening with Adrian Raine, the man who wrote "The Anatomy of Violence", who will take you on a journey through the neuroscience of psychopathic murderers, the justice system and our morality. All this accompanied by the sounds of RKDIA and DJ Turban.

We often see in movies people who turn into psychopathic murderers and serial killers but what makes a psychopathic murderer? Should we just blame the environment? Or is faulty brain functioning the true culprit? What parts of the brain are most impaired in murderers? What causes these brain impairments? What have low seated ears and a long ring finger got to do with violence? Are criminals responsible for their crimes?

The rapid developments taking place in neuroscience are creating an uncomfortable tension between our concepts of responsibility and retribution on the one hand, and understanding and mercy on the other. Neurocriminology is a new field which is increasingly documenting brain impairments in violent offenders.

Adrian Raine will discuss the implications of this new research for our future conceptualization of moral responsibility, free will, and punishment. If the neural circuitry underlying morality is compromised in psychopaths, how moral is it of us to punish prisoners as much as we do? Should neurobiological risk factors be used to help us better predict future violence?

And importantly, how can we change the brain to change criminal behavior in order to make tomorrow’s world a safer place for us all?

Before the talk, RKDIA will take you into a fusion of genres. RKDIA is a brand new power-house duo of electronica, ambient, dream pop and improvised beat music that points out the new direction to all fans of music. If you are into M83, Nils Frahm, Radiohead, DeadMau5, Tycho, Brad Mehldau, Pink Floyd, Kraftwerk and Genesis then godspeed into RKDIA. After the talk, DJ Turban plays Exotica, Easy Listening and Space Age Pop.

Event held in English.

This event has the generous support of Novo Nordisk Fonden.


  • 20:00–  20:45RKDIA – 
  • 21:15–  22:15Adrian Raine – 
  • 22:15–  23:00DJ Turban – 

Talk by

Adrian Raine

Professor of Criminology, Psychiatry and Psychology at University of Pennsylvania. His main interest is on neurocriminology – a new sub-discipline of Criminology which applies neuroscience techniques to probe the causes and cures of crime. His laboratory focuses on risk and protective factors for childhood conduct disorder, reactive and proactive aggression, adult antisocial personality disorder, homicide, and psychopathy. Among many other books he published "The Anatomy of Violence".

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Music by


The keyboards and drums duo of Morten Schantz and Anton Eger has toured the world since the mid 00’s carving out their very own niche within the realms of jazz and club music expanding the possibilities of known genres. Through their unique fusion of complexity and simplicity RKDIA has the rare ability of moving people emotionally yet constantly challenging them on their way leading into the hidden world that is RKDIA.
Morten Schantz and Anton Eger have received world wide critical acclaim with artists such as JazzKamikaze, Phronesis, Marius Neset as well as their own solo projects.

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Live act by

DJ Turban

DJ Turban plays Exotica, Easy Listening and Space Age Pop.

Dj Turban